• Comment what is the relationship between language and social class in the UK.

In the UK

everyone plays

the living game

under the same

language rules and fame.

If you have a Lady’s name

or you are a Duke or same

RP is the rightist way

for everything you have to say.

‘Cause through boarding schools

learning the boasting tools

not knowing by the fools

you passed with unattended grace

and a smile all over your face.

But if you a working man

-involved in a coal mining plan

or unloading spices

from barges restrains

on Thames’s


hard saving some penny

not too many

for a pint of ale

every working day

you could speak with ease

Cockney as you please.

Bell Boys, little milliners,

apprentices and serving girls

were the worst

at first

dreaming at a better life

obtained even by a strife

their only ply was to monkey

the aristocracy .

Clericals instead

they are the ones who get

un uprising direct

on a higher level

of social ladder

knowing so well

to play the language game,

most perfectible they are

by far.


the Company

teach the righteous one

not to speak for fun

but to take it seriously

pronouncing the vowels correctly

achieving a nice effect

“module your voice, please

and learn some emphasis”

Irish, Scots and Gaels

are somehow frail

they couldn’t be instruct

when they speak to act

like a British one

if no like an England’s son.